“Two rival sports clubs team up to raffle off house worth €400,000”

As featured on Independent.ie, 13th August 2018

Two ‘rival’ amateur football clubs have taken the unusual step of banding together to raffle off a €400,000 house in their quaint seaside village as the top prize.

The two clubs decided to unite in a bid to raise funds for the two sports clubs.

Up to 10,000 punters will get a chance to win the three-bedroom semi-D in Kilcoole, Co Wicklow, later this month.

Tickets cost €105 and punters stand to win the top prize property – providing they fancy the 10,000-to-one odds.

They will be available from both clubs on August 24 and will also be available online via winakoolhouse.ie.

The draw is due to take place on March 30, 2019.

The A-rated house, which is currently under construction, is situated in a new estate in the village of Kilcoole – made famous as the film location for the long-running RTÉ series ‘Glenroe’.

The house is a two-minute walk from the local secondary school, a five-minute walk to the pubs and a seven-minute walk to the local beach as well as the train station.

It is  expected to be completed by next January.

Patrick ‘Pappy’ Frawley, (53), juvenile chair of the St Patrick’s Kilcoole GAA club in the village,  was one of the brains behind the idea.

He decided to team up with officials from ‘rival’ club St Anthony’s Kilcoole United FC  in a bid to support the growing number of children who are taking up sport through the two clubs.

The chair of St Anthony’s,  Jeffrey Doyle, thought it was a fantastic idea.

“Like all clubs, we were rattling our brains (for fundraising ideas),” he told the Irish Independent.

When he got a call suggesting the two clubs work together and raffle off the dream prize, he said: “You couldn’t argue with it.”

Local developer Derek Burton agreed to reserve the house for the winner.

And he agreed to hold off on collecting payment from the clubs for six months.

The maximum number of tickets sold will be 10,000 with the proceeds split between the local football and other community clubs.

Punters can buy tickets  through either of the clubs involved.

The actual address of the prize house will be announced on August 23.